Demo of SteelConnect & ServiceNow Integration

One of my customers asked recently if there was native integration between SteelConnect and ServiceNow, for example to detect internet links going offline or appliances not being reachable anymore.

Short answer is ‘no’ but it did make me think: is that something I could do myself by leveraging the REST APIs? You probably guessed that the answer for that is ‘yes’, otherwise this would’ve been a very short blog post…

I wrote a Python application that lets you define what message in the event log are of interest and a ServiceNow incident gets opened with details of the site, appliance and a description of the issue when it gets triggered.

Very simple, all you need is access is access to the ServiceNow and SteelConnect REST API - no funky backend access required! While I used ServiceNow for this example, this could also be used for other services of course.

Here’s a 2:32min video of what it looks like:

Code and more details on my GitHub page. Note that it is a personal project for demonstration purposes, it is not endorsed nor supported by Riverbed.

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