Goodbye couch, hello Brocade!

Today I’m starting a new chapter in my working career, starting as a  Systems Engineer at Brocade in Australia. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

Brocade is well-known as the market leader in Fibre Channel networking, and an organisation with a strong router and switch portfolio.

Brocade has been making tracks lately as a company that enables the transition to a more open, cloud-based infrastructure with a heavy emphasis on simplicity and scalability. A lot of the solutions either make life easier and the network more open, mostly a combination of both.

The Brocade 5600 vRouter is a full-fledged virtual router with firewall capabilities that can run on bare metal and in a hypervisor, while the Brocade Virtual Controller is a SDN controller based on OpenDaylight.

Obviously Brocade has many more great IP solutions (hello Ethernet Fabrics, hello SteelApp), and I’m just getting my head around those. Expect some more technical updates here over time, if you want to hear more in the meantime please get in touch!

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